Current Projects

Residential electricity data: thermal disaggregation and dwelling characterization

Uptake and impact of residential energy efficiency investments: sociodemographic and spatial network factors

Electrical end-use intervention analysis methods: performance and policy implications

Past Publications

Ian H. Rowlands and Gord Stephen, Vulnerable Households and the Smart Grid in Ontario: Emerging Challenges and Opportunities (Toronto, ON: Metcalf Foundation), in press

Past Presentations

Gord Stephen, Energy efficiency gains in residential households: assessing sociotechnical potential remotely (interactive poster - Energy Council of Canada Canadian Energy Summit, May 2015)

Gord Stephen and Ian H. Rowlands, Working for socio-economic equity in Ontario's emerging Smart Grid: Historical analogues and lessons from other jurisdictions (presentation - Ontario Network for Sustainable Energy Policy Workshop, April 2015)


Time series model fitting via Kalman smoothing and EM estimation in TimeModels.jl